Soccer players in Ecuador are immunized against COVID-19

The professional soccer players of Ecuador, men and women, along with the referees and others, began the vaccination process against COVID-19, after the shipment from Conmebol of a supply of vaccines for the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF).

The FEF specified in a statement that between this Wednesday and next Friday the immunization process will also be carried out for delegates and referees who participate in the Conmebol tournaments: Copa América, Libertadores and Sudamericana.

“Both in Quito and Guayaquil we are proceeding to vaccinate based on an established schedule only over 18 years old that do not have medical contraindications. The process is the same as that followed in any vaccination center in the Ecuadorian state, ”the statement said.

The second dose will be applied after 28 days according to a schedule that does not interfere with activities of the senior teams of Ecuador and of the clubs of the Pro League serie A and Superliga Femenina.

“Let us remember that the virus will be around for some time and this is the best way to prevent contagion and for Ecuadorian football to be played in a much safer way, ”said Dr. Tyrone Flores, director of the FEF Medical Commission.

The vaccines are being applied in the complex called “La Casa de la Selección”, in the Ecuadorian capital, and at the headquarters of the FEF in the port city of Guayaquil.

The first to be vaccinated at the headquarters of the FEF were the soccer player Betzabeth Briones, from Guayaquil City, and the team’s coach, Daniel Vera.

While the vaccination will be fulfilled, Ecuadorian football will continue to be played with the biosecurity protocol with which the Pro League ordered the dispute of the championship last year, after the tournament was suspended in March and resumed in August 2020, without suffering further interruptions, as few footballers were infected , with the exception of practically the entire Aucas staff, in April of this year.

The dispute of the South American qualifiers of the Qatar World Cup 2022 It was completed last year with four days, but then it was suspended in March of this year due to the opposition of especially English and German clubs to give up their South American players due to the risks of contagion.

The Libertadores Cup suspended the match due to the previous group phase of the current tournament, due to the confirmed cases of infected players upon their arrival in Ecuador from the Gremio delegation from Brazil, for which the Conmebol moved and managed to hold the match between the Ecuadorian Independent of the Valley and the Guild, of Brazil, in Paraguay.

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