Soccer players denounced for sexual abuse at a party

A 28-year-old girl denounced this Friday morning that was sexually abused in a house of country Camino Real, in the Buenos Aires party of San Isidro, rented by the forward of the club Vélez Sarsfield Juan Martín Lucero, where a party was held in which his colleagues also participated Ricardo Centurion Y Thiago Almada, according to police sources.

Following the complaint, staff from the San Isidro Gender Fiscal Unit He arrived at the home, where he took a statement from the complainant along with two witnesses, the sources added.

Shortly after, the woman was transferred to the Women’s Police Station in the northern part of the Buenos Aires suburbs.

Meanwhile, the Scientific Police seized bedding from several rooms of the house, located in lot 56 of the country Camino Real, what It was temporarily rented by the player Lucero, 29 years old.

According to the case, in one of the first communications, the prosecution received as part of the victim’s testimony that in addition to the Velez-born player who rented the house, two other colleagues were present, the forward Ricardo Centurion and the midfielder Thiago Almada.

While none of the three players was named as the perpetrator of the sexual assault, Centurión has a record for a similar event that occurred in May 2017 when an ex-girlfriend denounced him for gender violence, for which a few months later he was dismissed from the Boca Juniors club. Later, the complaint was filed by the prosecution.

The situation of Ricardo Centurión, Juan Martín Lucero and Thiago Almada

In addition to this fact, the victim and other young women who accompanied her also reported that their wallets and personal belongings were stolen like cell phones and wallets, but they clarified that the players were not involved in the abuse, although they would have been present in the house at the time of the event.

In this regard, the attorney for Vélez Sarsfield, Mariano lizardo, appeared this noon at the San Isidro prosecutor’s office and when he retired he said that the players « are going to be called to testify », although he warned that « it is ruled out that they are charged. »

« Surely they will be summoned to testify shortly, I do not know by what form, but there is no player from the squad or from inferiors involved in the fact. I do not know who the accused is, » added the lawyer.

Lizardo said that the club « has been working on this type of behavior for a long time » and reiterated that « from what the prosecutor told me, it is ruled out that they have participated (by the mentioned players), who yesterday had the day off « .

Vélez has a protocol established in the footballers’ contracts for these cases, since he hired the Centurión player, so if what happened is proven, he or those involved would be automatically sanctioned with the termination of the contract.

The director of the Velez Gender Department, Paula Ojeda, who clarified that the players would not be « charged » and therefore there is no reason to « sanction » them.

« We are very sorry for the fact, but if the players are not involved, there is no reason to sanction footballers« he reported.

Even so, according to Ojeda told the newspaper Olé, « in the event that the players are accused of a crime, a request will be immediately raised to the president and the board of directors to the preventive separation of the protagonists of the establishment« .

What does the court file say

Until now, in the file a person named Acuña was mentioned, that he does not belong to the club and that he would be a friend or close friend of one of the players who participated in the clandestine party.

The case, labeled as « aggravated sexual abuse and robbery », is investigated by the prosecutor Laura zyseskind, in charge of a Specialized Unit for Crimes Related to Human Trafficking (such as the production and distribution of images of girls, boys and adolescents and gender violence) of San Isidro, with the collaboration of investigative personnel (DDI) from the Buenos Aires police.