Socavón in Puebla: What caused it? Did they rescue the puppies?

A sinkhole in Puebla 60 meters in diameter appeared on farmland in Santa María Zacatepec, in the municipality of Juan C. Bonilla.

So far it is believed that a geological fault is behind the impressive hole with water.

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The sinkhole in Puebla

In the images, disseminated through social networks in official accounts of the state and federal government, you can see the dimension of the sinkhole, which is located in a farmland, just over 20 kilometers from Puebla capital.

The area is occupied for planting, so it was only necessary to carry out a preventive evacuation of a nearby house. Meanwhile, a 500-meter security fence is maintained around the hole.

sinkhole in Puebla

Security fence that was established in the agricultural area where the sinkhole was found. (Photo: . / José Castañares)

In a tweet from the State Civil Protection of Puebla, images of the sinkhole are shown, which already has a diameter of 60 meters wide and approximately 15 meters deepTherefore, they urge the population not to approach the area.

For now, authorities from the three orders of government continue to implement actions in the presence of this sinkhole in Puebla.

Its causes

Specialists in geotechnics and geology are still analyzing the causes of its formation, the National Coordination of Civil Protection of the Government of Mexico reported through Twitter.

Security measures for the population have been established at the site. The site is guarded by members of the National Guard, the Secretariat of National Defense, the Secretary of the Interior of the State of Puebla and State Civil Protection.

In Mexico City there are also subsidence that the UNAM Engineering Institute studies.

The first statements

The governor of the state of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa, said at a press conference that this problem had to be addressed with great care, with the necessary techniques and with great prevention.

“It is a matter of enormous risk … we are going to be aware that there are no human tragedies.”

Beatriz Manrique, Puebla’s Secretary of the Environment, reported that the hole began to be created on Saturday, May 29, when it was no more than five meters in diameter and, in 24 hours, it increased to 30 meters.

By this Tuesday, the sinkhole in Puebla already reached 60 meters in diameter, due to the detachment of the edges of land that fall to the bottom, where there is a large amount of water.

While the necessary studies are being carried out to explain the causes of the sinkhole, Manrique announced that in the area there was a jagüey, well or ditch full of water, which was covered to locate farmland.

Therefore, he considered that a softening of the earth could have occurred in the place.

“And when the pressure of the water in the surface layer was greater than that of the soil, a variation was generated and the weight on the earth’s crust, which ended up yielding,” he said.

sinkhole in Puebla

An aerial view of a sinkhole found in a farmland in Santa María Zacatepec, Puebla, Mexico. (Photo: Agencia Es Imagen / via .)

Spay and Spaike fall into the sinkhole

Neighbors living in the vicinity denounced on June 7 that two dogs had fallen into the sinkhole in Puebla.

The news went viral and mobilized hundreds of people in social media to demand that state and federal authorities organize the rescue of both animals.

The petition reached the citizen platform, in which more than 39,000 people registered their signature, until this publication, for Spay and Spaike to be rescued.

The request was generated 24 hours after the fact by the lack of interest from authorities for rescuing the dogs.

“We demand urgent rescue from the Puebla and animal protection authorities (…)”

Mobilization in social networks

The governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa, reported on his Twitter account that a route to the rescue was being traced.

“It is not possible to enter with a helicopter since the ground conditions around the sinkhole make it unstable. We are looking for a safe and prompt way to get the dogs back ”.

The expected rescue

Finally, Thursday June 10 both dogs were rescued from the bottom of the sinkhole that was formed in the municipality of Juan C. Bonilla, Puebla.

The dogs, one a pit bull and the other mongrel, had been trapped at the bottom of the sinkhole for at least three days.

According to a tweet from the Civil Protection of the state of Puebla, the dogs Spay Y Spaike they are out of danger, the canines were hydrated and evaluated by veterinary personnel.

How is the sinkhole going?

The sinkhole that appeared in Santa María Zacatepec, Puebla, has already reached a diameter of 110 meters and a depth of 56 meters.

To assess the situation and risks, the Puebla Environment Secretariat facilitated the entry of specialists from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), who collected information and took samples.

The agency reported that in conjunction with the IPN, electromagnetic studies Y CT scans ground, in order to determine how long the sinkhole will have stability.

“The most important thing is to know if other possible sinkholes are in the process of being formed.”

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