So you can use Instagram without advertising on your mobile | Technology

Ads can become a very annoying element of many free applications. Instagram is an example of this, although it is one of the most discreet when it comes to placing them. However, there is a way to avoid them.

Instagram has a second younger sister who has been available for a long time. An almost identical but simpler application that saves us from having to see ads and other functions that users hardly ever use.

This is Instagram Lite, a lighter version of the Facebook social network. With it several objectives are pursued, reduce the number of mobile data this app consumes, the storage space you need and facilitate the use of the social network for all types of devices.

Instagram was becoming very heavy for users who do not have modern mobiles with large space or enough mobile data. Instagram Lite requires only 2 MB compared to the 30 or 80 MB that the original app needs. This change involves sacrificing quite a bit of data and functionality.

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This technique has already been used by other applications such as YouTube Go or Facebook Lite and they seek that it can be used in those countries where internet connections are not as fast as in others, that is why Instagram Lite began to be launched in Mexico and India.

Now this second version is in more than 170 countries from the Android store, but it is not available in Spain. Citizens who want to use it from this territory must resort to the APK version. You must download the APK Mirror installer from Google Play and then download the Instagram Lite application from this link, follow the instructions to install it correctly.

APKs are used to have applications or functions that are not available in the main stores and are trustworthy in many cases, but we must also take special care with the version we download to avoid security problems.

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Once Instagram Lite is installed you will be able to use the social network from your mobile without ads, but also without other functions such as Videos, Reels or the Store. It is a very basic version without so many designs for stories, for example. Either has neither extreme encryption nor dark mode, features that will arrive in future updates, as well as advertisements.

Using it is like going back to the almost original Instagram of a few years ago, hurry up if you want to try it because the advantage of not having to see constant ads will not last long, after all, Facebook bases its business model on advertising and thus not charge us for the use of their applications.

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