So you can transfer videos or music without the help of iTunes

In a simple and quick trick to execute.

Only iPhone users know how annoying it is to have to transfer videos or music because the ways are quite limited.

The method that most know and use is through iTunes, but to be honest, using it can be a bit complicated and annoying in some cases, even when they are simple transfers.

Having to transfer from a PC or Mac due to iTunes restrictions. Also, when we want to transfer videos with MP4 and MKV formats to convert them into MOV, which is the default format of iOS, the process slows down.

For those and other reasons, we want to show you a way to transfer videos and music without using iTunes.

Steps to transfer videos and music without using iTunes.

You will need to install the VCL application on the iPhone to proceed to what we want, transfer videos and music without iTunes.

After installing the player, enter the app and you will see that on the left side of the application you will find the settings menu.

Among the options, activate the one that says « Sharing via WiFi ».

By doing this you will be able to share through the WiFi switch. An IP address and a local address will be displayed. You must write down both.

Now from the computer what you will do is enter the IP or local address in the browser you have and you will see a VLC portal with which you can transfer files.

From here you can transfer your files by pressing the (+) icon.

When the files have been uploaded, they will appear in the VLC application library on your iPhone.