So you can see and share your favorite songs of 2020

This week we enter the final stretch of a complicated year for all, to a lesser or greater extent, where music has partly helped us to maintain our sanity despite the health contingency. Within this context, the platform Apple Music It already offers the possibility of reviewing and sharing the one hundred songs most listened to by each of its users in 2020. Here we tell you how to take advantage of this function, in order to please your music lover quality (via).

Within the app, you will find an automatically generated list that responds to the name of «Replay 2020», composed of the hundred songs that you listened the most times during the year in question. To access this personal selection from iPhone, iPad or Mac, you will need to do the following:

Enter Apple Music Click on the «Listen» tab Scroll to the bottom of the screen, where you will find the option «Replay 2020».

Your one hundred favorite songs of the year, according to the platform’s algorithm, you will find them ordered based on the importance reflected in the number of listens. Likewise, you can integrate Replay 2020 to the rest of your playlists by simply clicking on « Add » at the top right of the screen.

According to Applesfera, the selection is updated every Sunday of each week. On the other hand, within the same section, the user will be able to view their «Replay» from previous years, up to 2015.

To share your Replay 2020, the procedure is the same as for any other playlist: at the top right of the list, click on the three-dot button and choose the « Share » option. You will have to decide from which application to send it and to which contact, or simply use the option « Copy » or « Copy link » to manually send it from the platform of your choice.

What are the songs of 2020 that occupy the first places in your top of Apple Music? Tell us in the comments!

For users of SpotifyHERE we tell you how to take a look at the summary of what you heard most from this alternative streaming server, in terms of genre, artist and modality.

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