If you want to play the classic Doom in widescreen on your computer or on your Mac, you are in the right place. As you may know, some games never go out of style. And it is that more than twenty years after its launch, the Doom video game still hooks players with its fluid first-person shooting action.

All this thanks to a great variety of modern ports and now you can play with improved graphics and controls. So keep reading and find out how you can play it on widescreen without any problems.

Why is Doom still a fun video game?

First of all, this game was released in 1993. So Doom became very famous due to its accelerated action for a computer video game in an era before graphics acceleration. It had a captivating atmosphere, violence, dark themes, and innovative network support. And these factors made it tremendously popular.

Likewise, critics praised Doom as a fully expertly crafted experience that delivered top-notch graphics, sound, and gameplay. Each video game of the first person shooter genre that came out later was developed based on the success of Doom.

Despite the great advances in graphics technology since then, if you consider take a look at the 2020 Doom Eternai video game. The original Doom is still a lot of fun to play. This id Software classic feels more accessible than most current first-person shooters.

This because its controls are relatively simple. With no jumps or looking up and down to deal with the gameplay, this video game retains a nimble, highly arcade feel, which has been largely abandoned today.

With a free and updated version of the game engine, you can easily experience this video game for yourself through your computer or your Mac. With a modern game controller and network support. Best of all, you can play it in high resolution, even on an ultra-wide 21: 9 monitor, if you have one, of course.

The charm comes from the new Doom engines

In 1997 id Software released the Doom game engine source code as open source software. The company invited developers from around the world to adapt it to new platforms and expand its capabilities.

Since then, hundreds of new versions of the Doom engine, known as Source Ports, seem to enhance the original Doom experience.

ZDoom is one of Doom’s most popular source ports, and you can use it to play on a modern widescreen. It is a video game compatible with Windows, Mac and even Linux.

Play classic doom: where can you get the episode files (WAD)?

With modern Doom source ports, there’s a bit of a trick. And is that most of them do not come with any game data file or “WAD”. As such, the original Doom maps, graphics, and sounds are still under copyright and are not open source. Therefore, you must find your own WADs to use with source ports like GZDoom.

For your good luck, there are many options for you to get Doom WAD, including the following that we will mention below.

1.- Shareware Doom: Originally, Doom was sent as a shareware title with a free episode. You can still legally download and use this first episode. The file you need is called DOOM1.WAD. Generally you will find it like this.

2.- Freedoom: This project led by internet fans is working on a free open source set of graphics, sounds and maps for Doom engines. You can download it for free and it works well with GZDoom.

3.- Freedoom + Other WADs: Freedoom allows you to use many other fan-made WADs, many of which are their own distinct gaming experiences. This is how Freedoom replaces the need to have the original WAD Doom or Doom II, with these player-made maps that require for graphic and sound resources.

4.- Commercial Doom: if you want to buy the original Doom in GOG, you can install it in Windows. You just have to go to the game directory and copy the file called DOOM.WAD so that you can use it with a source port, like GZDoom. You can do the same with other video games, including Doom II and Final Doom.

If you have original physical copies of the game on floppy disk or CD-ROM, you can copy the DOOM.WAD files from the original media. In the same way, you can find these WAD files online. However, just like downloading retro video game ROMs, downloading original WAD files from unauthorized websites is considered a copyright infringement.

Play Classic Doom: How to install GZDoom on a Windows computer

To get started, you must download GZDoom from its official website. It is available in 32 and 64 bit versions and works on Windows 10, 7 and even Windows Vista operating systems. If you don’t know which version to download, try downloading the 32-bit version.

Now, look for the GZDoom ZIP file you just downloaded and proceed to extract it in its own folder. You can place this folder wherever you want, even on your desktop. Similarly, it is time to place the WAD files.

If you have the Doom WAD shareware or commercial files, copy them to the GZDoom folder you just created. If you have them, download the ZIP file that Freedoom WAD contains and then extract its contents into the GZDoom folder.

Double-click GZDoom.exe to launch it. In Windows 10, a pop-up window may appear saying something like “Windows protected your computer”; click “More information” and then click “Run anyway” to ignore the warning. In Windows 7, it may ask you for permission to run the program, so allow it to do so.

If you have more than one WAD in the GZDoom folder when you run it, you will see a list of WADs from which you can choose. Select the one you want to play and then click on the “Play GZDoom” option.

By default, GZDoom should run in full screen using the resolution of your desktop screen. To change the graphics settings, press the Escape (ESC) key. Then, using the arrow keys, select Options – Display options. You can also see the path of Options – Set video mode and then press the Enter key. You can now start playing quietly.

Steps to install GZDoom on your Mac

GZDoom also works on Mac. Once you set it up, it will work exactly the same as the Windows version. First of all, download GZDoom from the official website. You must select the file called “Macintosh (Intel)”. Now, open the DMG file you just downloaded and drag the icon called GZDoom.app from the shortcut to the Applications folder.

If you don’t have any other WADs, download the ZIP file that contains the WAD Freedoom, and then extract its contents into a temporary folder. To do this, you must create a special folder for Doom WAD files. This so that GZDoom can find them. These will be found at the path: ~ / Library / Application Support / gzdoom.

When you open the Finder, press Shift + Command + G, paste the following path: ~ / Library / Application Support /. Then you must click “Go”. Now, you should create a folder called “gzdoom” in the path: ~ / Library / Application Support /. Then you must copy all the WAD files to it.

After copying the WAD files, close the Finder window and go to the Applications folder. Double-click the GZDoom.app icon so you can run it.

macOS may give you a warning when running GZDoom

If your Mac gives you a warning about running GZDoom, you’ll need to give it special permission to run it. Please note that GZDoom is not malicious software. However, because it is a free fan-made project, it is not registered with Apple. And of course macOS blocks all unknown software by default.

For GZDoom to finally work for you, go to System Preferences – Security and Privacy – General. Near the bottom of the window, you will see the warning that “GZDoom.app has been blocked because it is not from an identified developer.” Just click on the “Open Anyway” option. If you see another popup, click “Open.”

If you have more than one WAD in the GZDoom folder when you run the game, the system will present you with a list of WADs from which you can choose. Here you must select the one you want to play and then click “OK”.

By default, GZDoom should run in full screen using the resolution of your desktop screen. To change the graphics settings, press the Escape (ESC) key. Then use the arrow keys to select Options – Display Options. Also go to Options – Set video mode. Now you just have to press the Enter key and you can already play quietly.

You can now play classic Doom to keep you exploring

Once you have the GZDoom running, you can experiment with the gamepad support. Even play in cooperative, multiplayer or deathmatch mode. All this using your network functions.

A special Doom source port that’s worth seeing and that’s tuned for multiplayer is ZDaemon. This source port makes it easy to find and join multiplayer Doom servers, all of them managed by fans.

If you run out of levels to play, check out Doom’s awesome mods and conversions in ModsDB. Some of the fan favorites include Brutal Doom, Evernity, and Pirate Doom.

Obviously, most player-created WADs, along with the Doom video game itself, are very violent and unsuitable for children. But, if you are hidden from prying eyes, give free rein and dive to play classic Doom.

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