So you can pair your wireless keyboard on your iPad

Follow these steps to connect with Bluetooth connection.

You have purchased a keyboard and want to use it with your iPad but don’t know how to sync them. Here we explain how it is done.

Why use an external keyboard? Maybe you use the device a lot, so the keyboard that appears on the screen is not enough.

Using an external keyboard on your iPad can be a great advantage because it allows you to be more efficient when typing.

How to use the wireless keyboard with my iPad?

It is more than clear that to be able to pair your wireless keyboard with the iPad it has to be through a Bluetooth connection.
To get your wireless keyboard working you need to activate the iPad’s Bluetooth signal.
To do this you must go to the Settings section and slide the Bluetooth option button to activate it.
You can also do it from the notifications menu. Pull down the menu and press the Bluetooth button.
Once the iPad signal is turned on, follow the instructions on the keyboard to put it into pairing mode.
Once this is done, the keyboard should appear among the other devices with a Bluetooth signal on your iPad.

Click on the device and you will see a pop-up window with a pairing request. The window shows a number which you must put on the keyboard.
With this the keyboard should appear as connected ready to use.