So you can know if your Facebook account has been compromised

You can check if your personal data has been leaked thanks to the Have I Been Pwned and The News Each Day websites.

After learning about the largest Facebook user data breach so far, affecting 533 million users worldwide and almost 11 million users in Spain, your main concern will be to know if your account is among those affected or not.

To do this, in the following lines we are going to explain how you can check if your personal data is in danger.

So you can know if your Facebook account is one of those that have been leaked

How to know if your Facebook account has been affected by this massive leak

Thanks to The Verge we have had access to two methods to check if our email or our phone number has been leaked.

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The most recommended option to check if we are among the affected users is to use a website that usually track data breaches, called Have I Been Pwned.

Recently, the creator of this platform, Troy Hunt, announced on his Twitter account that from his website we could already check if it had been filtered our mail or our phone number, since, initially, this query could only be done with email.

The operation of this website is really simple: once we access we find a search box in which we must enter our email address or our mobile number and click on the option that appears to the right of said box, called pwned?.

Once this is done we confirmation will appear whether our account is affected or not just below the search box.

Have i been pwned

The second alternative To check if our Facebook data has been filtered is through the website The News Each Day, which will only allow us perform the validation using our mobile number.

On this website a text will appear explaining what has happened and a search box, smaller than the one on the previous website, at the bottom in which we must enter our phone number preceded by our international prefix which is 34.

The News Each Day

Therefore, we must introduce this prefix followed by our mobile number, click on the Check button and, just below it the confirmation will appear whether our phone number is one of those affected by this massive leak.

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In the event that your personal data has been exposed, we recommend that you go through this article in which we explain what you have to do to protect your Facebook account and thus prevent you from being victim of identity theft.

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