so you can install beta applications

Apple does not prevent users from testing applications before they are finished: developers can launch apps in beta through a platform called TestFlight. Valid for iPhone and iPad, with TestFlight it is very easy to test the news before anyone else. We explain how.

Are you interested in testing everything that the most important applications will receive in advance? On Android it is not too difficult since anyone can sign up for the betas through the Google Play Store, but things get complicated for those who own an iPhone or another iOS device. Even so, there is a very simple way to install betas on those devices. And everything goes through an Apple application: Testflight.

Testflight, the key to beta applications on iOS

Apple introduced a unified way for developers to offer their applications for testing in order to complete development with real user feedback: Testflight. After the purchase of the company that offered this service to Android and iOS, Testflight became the official iOS testing platform.

With Testflight anyone can access beta iOS applications, those that are testing new features in order to release them in a next stable version. For example, WhatsApp has its application in beta through Testflight, also other software heavyweights such as Skype, IFTTT or WeChat. Since it is a platform open to developers, any user can try a beta as long as they have the access code. And here comes the first complication: the capacity of the betas is limited.

The process to sign up for the betas on iOS is as follows:

Download and install the Testflight application on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Open Testflight, accept the notification permission (necessary to know when a beta update arrives) and click continue.
Since the testing process in apps is limited and by invitation, you need a redemption code that the developer has to give you. To enter the beta, you just have to enter the code in the ‘Redeem’ option, in the upper right corner of the main Testflight screen.
If the app has open access, and there are free slots, you will not need code: load your test file and accept the entry.

Testflight is the testing platform and the application that allows you to enter these tests, but just by installing it you won’t be able to do anything: you need an invitation code or a link to access a specific test. So now it’s time to look for it.

How to find Testflight beta apps

We have already seen that to test the news of an application before anyone else on iOS you have to go through Testflight and for asking the developer to give us a code to access the beta. Now, there are ways to skip that step since there are several pages that are dedicated to collecting links with which to directly access the test. Of course, it can be difficult to find a free space, especially in the most relevant apps.

To find and access the Testflight betas, we recommend two lists that are usually updated frequently:

Reddit. In this Reddit thread they compile the links to all the beta apps found in Testflight. Just read the list, locate the desired application and click on the link, always from an iOS device.
WaBetaInfo. The most popular WhatsApp news page also collects the links to iOS apps in testing. It is a list that is updated frequently and that also offers information on whether or not there is a gap in the tests.

Some of the most relevant betas in Testflight are the following (not all of them have free gaps):

Remember that Testflight apps usually have full holes, so it is convenient check your status from time to time. Once inside you will have access to all the news of the applications, always with a risk: since they are apps in beta, they may work incorrectly on your iOS device. What’s more, betas have a limited duration; which is specified in the Testflight cover listing.