The 2019 Income campaign, which we presented in 2020, has started. From April 1 to June 30 the Tax agency has enabled in its digital channels the procedures that allow us to obtain, modify and / or accept the draft declaration of the Personal Income Tax.

Every year there are more people who submit their statement through the internet, about 90% chose this route in recent years, and in this article we are going to show you how to easily get the eraser Step by Step.

90% of tax returns are filed online following these steps

Although the website of the public treasury can be intimidating, the process is quite simple as we will see below. Take note.

Identifying us with digital certificate / electronic ID, Cl @ ve PIN or reference

The first thing that we will have to do, first of all, is to naturally access the website dedicated to the 2019 Income of the Tax Agency and, in the Featured Procedures section, click on Draft / declaration processing service (Renta WEB) to basically identify ourselves through three methods:

With digital certificate: To access with a digital certificate or electronic DNI, which is the same, we will need to have our identification installed on our computer and select Access with electronic certificate or DNI. Next, we will have to select the corresponding installed certificate and enter its PIN if requested.

With Cl @ ve PIN: If we use the Cl @ ve PIN system, one of the most preferred in recent years due to its practicality, we simply have to enter our ID, its validity date, click on the Continue button and, finally, enter the PIN that we will obtain to access the Renta WEB system. It will reach us through a text message to our mobile phone or through a notification if we have the Cl @ ve PIN application installed.

With reference: To use this method, we will need to have the RENØ reference that we can obtain, if we do not have it, through this portal and the introduction of the value of box 505 of the 2018 Income along with other data or the use of Cl @ ve PIN (although if we are already users of this identification system, the most practical thing is to use it from the beginning, without having to carry out the process of obtaining the reference).

Getting the draft in one click

Once the identification step has been completed, without a doubt the one that may be more problematic due to the errors that may occur during the process, we will arrive at the page where we find the services available on the Income campaign for the past year 2019.

As what interests us is to obtain the draft, we will directly click on the option Draft / Declaration (Renta WEB). Easy!

From this point on, what everyone gets will vary according to their situation.

It may be that the Tax Agency asks us, before giving us access to the draft, if the information about our address is correct or not. We will also have to confirm our personal data, as well as choose whether we want to make an individual or joint declaration. And it is also possible that the public treasury asks us for permission to use our mobile phone number or email to send us notices and general information.

According to the case and attending to our particular case, we will act in one way or another and select the corresponding options.

Before obtaining the draft, depending on the circumstances of each taxpayer, the Renta WEB system will ask us about personal data, the incorporation of certain data or the possibility of sending us information

When all these little preliminary procedures have been completed, finally we will have access to the draft of the income statement. The time will come to review it completely from top to bottom, resolve errors if any, provide the missing data and, finally, when we have it ready, press the button Present declaration that we will find in the upper right.

Remember if the result of the statement is positive means that you must pay that amount using the established procedures; Yes it is negative, means that this amount will be paid to us by the Tax Agency in the bank account number that we indicate.

More information in the technical help of the Income 2019.

         So you can get the draft of the 2019 Income statement through the website of the Tax Agency