so you can check when they work again

The Facebook ecosystem has fallen again after only a few weeks since the last time it happened. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and other services of yours do not work correctly for many users globally. The company has not yet indicated what the reason for the problem is.

These types of falls are in a certain sense normal, every so often the company’s servers suffer a crash due to poor configuration or maintenance. However, Facebook has not specified exactly why it happened this time.

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Some of the more common problems that are being reported are connection problems and problems sending and receiving messages on Facebook platforms. However, it is not something that is being given to all users, since there are users who can continue to use the services without apparent problems.

Additionally it seems that up to internal Facebook pages and services they are suffering from problems. As reflected by developer Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter, the company’s internal website is experiencing loading problems.

How to know when WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook are working again

The easiest way to know when services have recovered or when they are down is use DonwDetector online tool. DownDetector collects user reports at a global level to know when a service is causing problems. You can check the status of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger among others.

WhatsApp is down and not working: How to know when it fails

Another option to find out if services are down or is everyone’s problem, is check Twitter. Hashtags like #InstagramDown, #FacebookDown or #WhatsAppDown are usually good indicators if there are tweets in the last minute about it.

Via | DownDetector