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The Internet can sometimes seem like a jungle. Too much information flow makes scams and scams always lurking. The consequences of falling into one of them always cause too many inconveniences, it is not only about losing money, but that a feeling of vulnerability takes hold of us. No one is free from be the victim of a scam attempt, but for that reason we are going to give some guidelines that avoid falling into the trap. It will be enough to follow some basic safety rules to make it increasingly difficult for those who are lurking.

Scams, the internet is the great breeding ground

The picaresque has always been there, and with the arrival of a digitized society, what until recently was done in person has its translation on the Internet. Scams such as the tocomocho or the stamp have been replaced by Nigerian scams, in which they suddenly try to make us believe that We are heirs to a large fortune.

Truth be told, the Internet is the ideal breeding ground for scams. But we must not get carried away by those siren songs that scams always involve. It is, when it happens to us, when we are able to realize the few precautions have been taken or how we have been fooled.

How to recognize a scam

Scams and scams generally arrive by email. They always follow the same pattern, it is an email that we have not requested and that is from an unknown sender. Normally he addresses us in the correct way, but there is something that stands out, they usually use a very particular Castilian, fruit of being an automatic Google translation.

In this email they let you know that we are heirs of a significant amount of money, Or that well, we have an income in a foreign current account for a very important amount, and that to unlock it we need to make an economic income in terms of management and legal expenses. The person who writes this email is usually that person, who presents himself as an intermediary or as a legal professional who will help us in all the procedures. No, in the event that we had an inheritance in another country, we would be notified in a totally different way, not by email and, far from it, by requesting money previously.

If one day we want to carry out a test, it will be enough to answer that email and show our interest. We will see how the messages are more and more insistent, We have to make a bank transfer to be able to access that millionaire amount that we will receive in a few days. But the most appropriate thing is to ignore these emails and send them directly to the recycle bin, as a preliminary step we will mark it as spam.

The package you are waiting for

We make so many purchases online that every now and then an email sneaks up on us urging us to pick up a package. You have to be very careful, because this email shows us a link that when you click on it, you can install malware on your computer or mobile phone and lose a large amount of data. These types of emails are especially dangerous for the reason we have just discussed, many times we lose track of what package we are waiting for. But before clicking on that link, it is convenient to look a bit at the message. The sender is usually unknown and has the mail domain as something that has nothing to do with a courier company. Ignore it, if you are waiting for a shipment and you cannot be reached, the company itself will call you by phone to make the appointment. Another solution can be to browse the official website of the place from which you have been sent the offer and check that it really exists. Always look at a detail, it is usually an email that has a very particular Castilian, it is made with an automatic translator.

I have been scammed, what to do?

Stop complaining and automatically file a complaint with the State Security Forces and Bodies. Also, and although it gives you some shame, being in your social networks of that scam. A) Yes you will prevent other people from falling into it. In the event that you have made the payment through the PayPal platform, you must notify the case since they will be responsible for reimbursing you.

One of the favorite means of payment for scammers is to use Western Union or HalCash, since they usually leave little trace and recovering the money paid is practically impossible. If you have paid with a debit or credit card, once you have the complaint filed, you can contact the insurer who issued the card and ask if your case is covered. Hopefully you can have your money with you again.

To recap, the best way to avoid falling into an Internet trap or scam is to exercise extreme caution. Remember that nobody gives hard to four pesetas, and that eThe scammers’ best ally is haste and play with your illusions. Before taking any step, do a little research to see if the email you are dealing with and which is causing you suspicion is a scam attempt.

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