So he is and will be called the “twin brother” of the Nivus

The evolution of the Volkswagen Group in the world of SUVs has been dazzling. It has gone from being one of the last manufacturers to bet on them to being one of the ones with the most members. If it hadn’t been for them, their current situation would be much more complicated. Therefore, taking into account that they are sold like hotcakes and that the public has not satisfied their cravings, they will continue to launch more proposals. The Volkswagen taigo is your last bet.

For announce the Volkswagen Taigo the firm has published three sketches. However, we must give you bad news: this is not a model developed from scratch. Yes, because in May of last year we told you that Volkswagen had launched an SUV called Nivus in Mercosur. Well, in the debut act they confirmed that they would sell it in Europe and that it would be manufactured in Spain. Well, the Taigo is the Europeanized evolution of the Nivus.

The Volkswagen Taigo will be manufactured in Pamplona (Navarra – Spain) for all of Europe

Before you scream in the sky, we’ll tell you that the Volkswagen Taigo will differ from its brother Nivus. At least it is what it looks like looking at the posted images. As seen from the front, the Full LED optics are slimmer and appear to be joined in the center by a thin LED strip. The hexagonal grill it is sharper, rather than using the flatter design of the Nivusl. For its part, the bumper has more muscular and hard lines.

The rear is another area that seems to evolve. The optics of the Nivus of Brazil and Argentina seem biggerAlthough this detail will be well appreciated when we see the final Taigo. Lastly, we must focus on the bumper. The basic format is similar, although the Taigo has a reflective strip that runs along its entire width. Already, in the lower zone, releases a diffuser that integrates in the corners the false exhaust outlets.

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The Volkswgen Nivus is official, it will arrive in Europe and will be manufactured in Spain

According to the brand itself, the new Volkswagen Taigo offers a charismatic design, a new operating concept and a multitude of assistance systems. They complete the press release announcing that for the European market will be manufactured at the consortium’s center in Pamplona, ​​Spain. Finally, they confirm that its official presentation will take place at some point this summer and that it will be launched on the market at the end of 2021.

We will have to be very attentive, because by size and mechanical range (at least in Mercosur) will be positioned between the T-Cross and T-Roc. Watch out…

Source – Volkswagen