The coronavirus has changed our lives significantly. In addition to not being able to go outside while the quarantine lasts, it has caused us to become more aware about the need to wash our hands continuously. However, this is not enough.

As many experts have already revealed, it is no use having clean hands if we then touch technological products like our smartphones full of germs and bacteria. Many hygiene experts have shown that we do not properly clean our mobile phones and that these could be full of bacteria for this very reason.

Following this we have two options. Clean and disinfect our smartphone more often or purchase an acti-bacteria sleeve. Because yes, they exist.

Anti-microbial covers for your smartphone: the best time to bet on them?

Cases and covers for our mobile phones are of all types. Although many users are quite reluctant to wear them because they consider that they ugly smartphones and therefore cannot see the original design of these, many are still those people who still do not dare to carry a smartphone of more than 1,000 euros without any protection.

In addition to the cheap gel casings that we can find in any bazaar in our neighborhood for a few euros and sincerely we think they don’t protect anything at the endl, we also have higher quality covers like the official ones, the ones of proven brands and even biodegradable casings made from plants.

But as we have already mentioned before, today we are going to talk about anti-bacterial housings. At a glance they are accessories like any other. Robust, quality cases that fit the smartphone perfectly, giving you that extra protection that we look for when buying a case.

Although the difference is that these covers have an extra layer of protection. A film that in theory, protects our smartphone from the most common bacteria and microbes in our environment. In other words, although it will not protect us from COVID-19, we cannot deny that this additional protection will be really useful to us.

How do these “hygienic” covers work? As we read in Android Central, most cases of this type come with an antibacterial coating that over time can be lost while the casings with higher quality, they have this anti-bacteria solution in the same manufacturing material.

Of course this does not mean that you do not have to take care of, clean and disinfect these covers as we do with conventional covers, not in vain they get dirty as well. The only thing that if we have one of these accessories in our mobile phone, it will no longer attract as many microbes and bacteria as before.

As for the average price of this type of covers and as you can imagine, they are not exactly cheap. It does not reach the price of those made of wood but get used to the idea that about 20-40 euros each. In Amazon for example we can find several both for models such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 or the iPhone 11.

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