So are Apple’s new inclusive emojis for iPhone

A woman with a beard, more skin tones and redesigned emojis is the new from Apple.

In case you didn’t know, Apple has added new emojis inclusive in the iOS 14.5 system update.

A total of 217 emojis have joined the Apple family and that users will be able to use in their daily conversations.

Among the novelties are emojis that include an exhaling face, another with spiral-shaped eyes, and a face in the clouds.

Other new emojis that stand out are a burning heart, a repaired heart and a woman with a beard, these as part of the inclusive sense that the Apple operating system tries to show.

In addition to that, there are also new skin tones for couples with hearts and couples kissing, points out the specialized site Emojipedia.

Updated emojis

Apple has not only included new emojis, but has also improved some implemented changes to them.

In the case of headphones, now the system shows the AirPods Max. Another emoji that was modified is that of the syringe, which now does not show blood, but a neutral liquid.

The case of syringes is perhaps done to raise a little more confidence around injections, since the main topic today is vaccines to combat the pandemic.

Around the same theme, the emoji of the face with a mask has been modified to show a person smiling under the mask.

Helmets have also been added to the emojis of people climbing, whether male or female, in order to generate security.