Month by month the expectation regarding the new Justice League by Zack Snyder grows with each new statement by the director, each image revealed, or each clip, however small it may be. Such was the case yesterday during Justice Con, a convention organized by DC fans, where the director took the opportunity to show the first moving images of Superman and Henry Cavill in the black suit.

If anyone has held the helm of the DCEU it is Zack Snyder. Despite his unfortunate departure from the production of Justice League and the reconfiguration of the film by Joss Whedon, it seems that fans of this universe still hope to see an audiovisual of the Justice League, in shape and with cast dreamed.

The 15-second video clip is the alternate version of a scene that had previously been shown in the movie, but did not appear in the final cut of theaters. The scene shows Superman wearing the black suit, while landing near Alfred in a garage belonging to Bruce Wayne’s headquarters.

Although it was only 15 seconds long, the footage was enough to thrill fans once again and the reactions filled the internet. Once again Henry Cavill was trending and not exactly because of his computer-building skills.

« Henry in the black Superman suit was a shot to the heart. »

« He’s Superman »

Superman in a black suit. OH MY GOD OK, it’s happening, everyone keep the damn calm ».

«Superman entering Hot Topic / Superman exiting Hot Topic»

« In the Snyder Cut Superman has a glorious mustache »

There were those who took on the task of inserting the video clip in the continuity of the story.

Some were nostalgic.

And finally someone was encouraged to make a high-resolution image.

DC justice with Justice League Superman costume superman zack snyder