Snowgrowers: TikTokers Who Think Snow Is Fake And Created By Bill Gates

A group of TikTokers assures that the snow product of the winter storm in the US is false and is part of a plan for world domination: it is about the snowgators.

Because anti-vaccine groups and Covid-19 deniers are not enough, a new conspiracy theory floods TikTok: this time, it’s about the snowgators, a group that began to suspect the snow that fell in the United States and assures that it is an invention of Bill Gates with the intention of manipulating the global climate.

According to the proponents of this theory, the strongest evidence to ensure that Snow that covered the United States after the winter storm in mid-February it is false, lies in putting it in direct contact with the fire.

Thousands of video clips show different TikTokers Burning fire with lighters, lighters or pointing directly at snowballs with hair dryers.

@sarahmojoSomeone said do it with a blow dryer #fyp #snowwontmelt #whatshappening #texasblizzard #centraltexas #conspiracytheories # helpmeunderstand ♬ original sound – Sarah

Then, they express their surprise on camera to see that the snow does not melt and instead, just reduces its volume: “Thanks for trying to fool us, Bill Gates”, “What the hell is this ?!” it’s burning, it’s damn plastic! ”, are just some of the phrases that appear on TikToks by snow-giants with millions of views.

Why doesn’t snow melt when it comes in contact with fire?

@ cowboyrikter75GOVERMENT SNOW IF IT WAS TRUMP IN OFFICE IT WOULD SPRING #foryoupage #snow #trump #fyp # govermentsnow ♬ original sound – Rikter

In reality, the scientific explanation for this fact is not related to artificial snow, plastic, or other conspiracy theory. Instead, it lies in a simple change of matter, the sublimation:

When the snow is exposed to fire, goes directly from a frozen solid state to a gaseous state. The drastic change in temperature causes that instead of melting as it naturally occurs when the temperature increases gradually, the ice turns into water vapor that mixes with air.

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Despite the explanation, some snowgators offer one more argument for their theory: in some videos where the demonstration is done with a butane gas lighter or lighter, it is observed how the snow is stained black, a fact that they consider an irrefutable argument to show that it is made of plastic.

However, this phenomenon also has a simpler and less conspiratorial explanation: the black spots are due to soot particles, which are formed when fire is generated through the combustion of a match, lighter or any other combustible object.

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