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One of the universal laws of racism in this world is that changing a character’s ethnicity to be more inclusive is going to generate all kinds of screams of outrage on social media. In the worst case, these are accompanied by racist insults to the actress who will give life to the new version of the character. It is something that always happens.

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This is because people forget two very simple things. The ethnicity of fictional characters is not set in stone unless it has some relevance to the plot, and yet it can still be changed with some ingenuity. The other is that by saying that an actor or actress of color cannot play a certain character, they are basically telling a person that they cannot practice their profession because of an issue related to their ethnicity. It is employment discrimination. Imagine that one day at work they were notified that they were going to do without their services because they wanted pure white and blue-eyed people to work in their company. It wouldn’t make them laugh. Most likely not.

The same would feel Rachel zegler if tomorrow they told him that he can no longer play Snow White because people want someone white for the role. There would most likely be a lawsuit against Disney for employment discrimination if that happened and that was given as the reason for terminating their contract. The point is that I use her as an example because a couple of days ago the announcement was made that she is going to play Snow White in the live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – 98%.

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Taking into account all that has already been said, it goes without saying that there were no shortage of people who were furious with the news. There were two arguments that they raised to justify their racism. The first is that the character is so named because his skin is as white as snow. The reality is that another justification for that name can easily be found. If you think about it, the whiteness of her skin does not have a function within the story, beyond being one of the elements that mark her beauty. It is a cliché to say that extremely white skin is beautiful and you will find it in any medieval book you open. We no longer live, or shouldn’t live, in a world where only that skin color is seen as beautiful. The second argument is that it is based on a traditional story, a fairy tale you would call it, from the 19th century. The reality is that these types of texts do not have a national one. The famous one is that the Brothers Grimm compiled, but they are not the authors. It is a popular story of which we can find variants in all kinds of countries. For example, in Italy, a country where not everyone is as white as snow.

The point is that the actress decided not to remain silent in the face of the claims of the guardians of ethnic purity in the animated films. The actress, who is of Colombian and Polish descent, tweeted a message (via the Los Angeles Times) dedicated to haters. Unfortunately it was deleted shortly after, but this is what she said:

Yes. I am Snow White. No, I am not going to bleach my skin for the role.

On the other hand, Marc Webb, who is the director of this live-action remake, said the following about the actress who was chosen to star in this story:

Rachel’s extraordinary vocal abilities are only the beginning of her talents. Her strength, intelligence and optimism make her an integral part of rediscovering the joy of this classic Disney fairy tale.

Precisely, we should only judge her by her histrionic gifts and not by her skin color. The important thing is that the film is good, not that it looks like Nazi propaganda.

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