Snoop Dogg and Lupillo Rivera collaborate with “Major League Baseball” theme

Snoop Dogg and Lupillo Rivera collaborate with theme

Snoop Dogg and Lupillo Rivera collaborate with the theme “Major Leagues” | INSTAGRAM

It would be the first time that corridos and rap merge in this way, thanks to the fact that they will collaborate together Snoop Dogg, Lupillo Rivera, German Y Santa Fe Klan on its next release “Big leagues”, a collaboration in which he also participates B Real and you want to be something historic.

“When I was presented with the idea for the first time I thought that George Prajin (president of Z Records) had a problem, I did not imagine the song in this way, but it was really very interesting,” said the regional singer Lupillo this Wednesday in a virtual conference.

The singer’s explanation says that “Major League Baseball” will have its premiere the next Friday May 14 and that is inspired by his hit “El pelotero” published in the 1990s and that each of the rappers’ participation was inspired from there in an original way.

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“He who does not risk does not win. In the United States they have a culture and a love of rap and now it’s our turn here in Mexico, it is the right time to make a hodgepodge like this.” Big leagues “is a watershed for urban culture” popular rapper Alemán confidently expressed.

The singer from Baja California, in northwestern Mexico, he had already had the opportunity to work with Snoop Dogg on his song “My Uncle Snoop” and with B Real on the song “Vision.”

Unlike Lupillo, an icon of the regional mexican, who had had with Snoop as his classmate having attended school together in the United States, something very curious that caught the attention of many Internet users.

“Snoop and I were in the same high school and we took biology together. He is a person who has always supported Mexican music, he had listened to the music of my sister (Jenni Rivera) and when he heard“ El pelotero ”he liked it”, says the singer , who confessed that it was his dream to be able to work with these rappers.

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On the other hand, Santa Fe Klan also wanted to express himself and stressed the importance of embracing the different genres in rap and also assured that he is open to experiment, because as he confessed with Roberto Martínez, he has always enjoyed different styles, such as cumbia and the rest.

“A lot of rap people don’t want to cross genre lines. I respect rap and all genres a lot, I have no problem mixing them,” said the young man from Guanajuato, central Mexico.

The video for the song is in charge of the filmmaker Édgar Nito, who worked on the film “Huachicolero” (2019) and, as he explained to the Efe agency, this was an “ambitious project” inspired by films such as “The Warriors” (1979) and “Clockwork Orange” (1971), which will show the power of “The big leagues.”

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The theme of the video consists of the artists planning a coup from various parts of the world to make a big move. They are not just any team, so together they form the ‘Major Leagues’, “said the director, causing the singers to also practice their performance.

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