Snoop Dog and the MS Band invite Becky G to their music video

Snoop Dog and the MS Band made a collaboration that surprised fans of both in May. Now, they have added Becky G to this success.

Becky G, Snoop Dog and the MS Band caused an uproar due to their appearance in photographs that the rapper uploaded to his Instagram account.

In the images, Snoop appeared with Becky G on a film set for a video clip with Sergio Lizárraga.

The band’s account did not take long to replicate the news and later, they shared another photo where Alan Ramírez and Oswaldo Silvas Carreon with Becky also appeared.

This reminds us of the hit “What a Curse” that was released in May, after Snoop admitted his taste for band music.

For health reasons, the official video clip had not been recorded; however, they released an animated video that already has more than 61 million views.

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As artists had not been able to travel, they waited until now to meet in California and record a version with the city of California behind them.

Surprisingly, Becky G will be the model in this video, for which the 23-year-old singer recorded some scenes carrying a suitcase and flowers.

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Becky G wore baggy pants that she held with a Dickies belt, Nike sneakers and a crop top that she covered with a tartan print shirt.

Similarly, Snoop Dog wore a blue tartan shirt, denim jeans, glasses, a black beanie hat, and canvas sneakers.