Back in the year 2000 (twenty have already passed, almost without realizing it), a 1vs1 fighting game exclusively starred by women with was released in Neo Geo Pocket Color -the Game Boy Color-style laptop launched then by the SNK company- name chibi pixelart style SNK Gals Fighters, and on that platform it remained unchanged and immovable during these two past decades. That until today, if we look at the South Korean audiovisual content classification system, the equivalent of our famous PEGI, which has established the ratio corresponding to the content of this title placing it in the Nintendo Switch eShop. Past experience shows that this is one of the most reliable sources in terms of placing future releases on a platform, even more so when a retailer places the game and makes it disappear carelessly within a few hours, given that these classification systems are official bodies, so it can be taken for certain what they ratify the age limit they consider appropriate.

The exclusively female cast of characters from different SNK fighting franchises come together to compete in the ‘Queen of Fighters’ tournament, which has been organized by the mysterious Miss X, with some of the wrestlers including Mai Shiranui and Yuri Sakazaki among others known faces of these sagas, being more than ten characters from which you can choose. It remains to be determined if the game will reach the hybrid console as is or if it will receive some type of visual, sound or gameplay improvement. Taking a look back, there are not a few SNK titles that are coming to our lives through Nintendo Switch, so this new retro-style addition is more than welcome.

SNK Gals Fighters (Neo Geo Pocket Color)

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