sneakers inspired by the Los Angeles Dodgers

Its colors were related to the baseball franchise, which is also from the same city where ‘The King’ plays.

Everything seems to indicate that the current major league champions, the Dodgers of The Angels, inspired the design and colors of the new sneakers of the Lakers 23 jersey. The news ‘Lebron James 7‘, which comes out on February 23, has colors alluding to the Californian baseball team.

The relationship was suggested by the Dodgers Nation portal. This site is dedicated to publishing news related to the world of baseball. And specifically they focus on the monarchs of the MLB. Therefore, in addition to revealing the release date, they gave details of colors and designs.

They detail in the mentioned site that the inspiration for the creation of these sneakers arises from two issues to consider. One of them is the commitment that ‘The King‘acquires with the city where he develops his sports career.

They explain that LeBron ends up becoming a fan of the other sports teams in the city where he plays. That is, in this case he becomes a follower of the Dodgers.

Consequently to the previous statement, at some point Lebron used slippers with the theme of Dodgers. Therefore, it is the spearhead for the design of tennis shoes.

The ‘LeBron’ of the Dodgers

Twitter user @SoloeLinks details that its launch date will be next February 23. In principle, it will only be in Japan and its arrival on this side of the world should be awaited.

They also explain that they would cost approximately $ 229. The images show its predominant white with slight blue details: clear reference to the ninth of The Angels. While the presence of red, it would be the alternative colors of the Dodgers.