Snapdragon 860 for only 199 euros: the POCO X3 Pro is at a bargain price, a good mobile to play | Technology

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If you want a complete mobile, the POCO X3 Pro is it. It is quite powerful and also now has a price that does not reach 200 euros, a real bargain.

POCO has returned, and it has also done so by betting on the key to its success a couple of years ago, when the Pocophone F1 swept sales worldwide. This Asian firm has put on sale in a matter of months several phones of a high level and affordable price.

One of them, the POCO X3 Pro, has a processor with which you can run any Android app, as well as games, however demanding they are. It is the Snapdragon 860, which surprises in a mobile that right now costs 199 euros on Amazon.

We have been able to submit it to analysis with excellent results in all areas.

This is the new upper-middle-range mobile from POCO, a brand associated with Xiaomi and that once again squeezes the price of one of its devices to the maximum.

For less money there are no better mobiles, or at least not more powerful. If you are a gamer and you play titles like PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile, among others, it is a smartphone that gives everything you need and more.

Stand out for example your screen, with 120 Hz refresh rate, which makes the screen fluidity when it comes to playing games and watching video is excellent, much better than it was usual until just a few months ago.

Screens with 90 and 120 Hz have been arriving little by little, which significantly improve the user experience, and without having to invest large amounts of money, and the POCO X3 Pro is a good example of this.

These are the best-selling mobile phones on Amazon Spain, among which several Xiaomi smartphones stand out, a brand that overwhelmingly dominates the top of this store.

Few drawbacks can be put, since has an NFC chip for mobile payments, one of the usual absences when brands want to squeeze the most out of the price of a device, of the first sacrificed.

It also has a fast charge of 33W of power, enough so that in just 40-45 minutes you have the battery at 100%, something that gives a lot of peace of mind if you are one of those who always play at the limit.

Shipping, as always in orders fulfilled by Amazon, is free when the price exceeds 29 euros. Whether you have Amazon Prime or not, shipping is free, although if you sign up for the free trial month (if you haven’t already), you will receive your purchase much faster.

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