The new Snapchat filters follow 18 nodes in the body of users, where each movement causes a different effect

This allows special Lenses to be created to accompany dance challenges on social media.

Like other content on the platform, these videos can be exported from the app to other sites, such as TikTok

Competition on social media is intense, especially in recent years. Not only is it harder for leading companies to expand their audience now that they are slowly reaching market saturation. Furthermore, for niche platforms, it is increasingly difficult to create a unique concept that is not imitated by other platforms. So some sites have already just decided that they will give in to the leaders. For example, Snapchat with the growing TikTok.

According to ., it appears that the self-described photography app is starting to create filters specifically designed for use in the popular ByteDance app. The brand has just launched several Lenses, as Snapchat calls its content Augmented Reality (AR), from top creators and popular dancers on TikTok. Among them, Dixie D’Amelio, Loren Gray, and Jalaiah Harmon. What is interesting is the goal of the project.

Everything seems to indicate that the intention of Snapchat is for people to record certain challenges through its creation tools and then post the videos on TikTok. According to the same photography app, the intention of this new function is to allow people to share the music they like the most. Along with the filters made with the four creators it teamed up with for the launch, users and brands could develop their own Lenses in the future.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them: The Snapchat Philosophy?

Over the past few months, various companies in the social media industry have tried to mimic TikTok in one way or another. The same Snapchat just a few days ago introduced a new feature to add music before or after your videos. In July, Instagram launched its rival for ByteDance’s project, Reels, with the aim of stealing its market. Even YouTube and even LinkedIn have tried to integrate the use of mini-videos to their platforms.

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But it’s very interesting how Snapchat seems to be dealing with the rivalry with TikTok. From the beginning, the company has preferred to define itself more as a photo app, not necessarily a social network. In other words, it sees itself as something closer to Adobe’s suite of tools than to the community Instagram experience. In this regard, it is a great idea that you try to become the exclusive filter provider for creators.

And it is that that would not only allow him to grow at the expense of TikTok. Technically Snapchat could be the great new tool that social media content creators turn to. Not only is it a unique business approach, as few companies focus more on the technology of their functions than on the social part of their platforms. It would also retain its appeal with brands, and could even give them even more options to connect with the audience.

A bad idea to compete with TikTok

It is not only preferable for Snapchat to adopt a role of creation tool because it is a niche that remains really untapped on social media. Also, competing with TikTok is not a good idea. It not only has a community of highly paid influencers. More and more brands are deciding to close commercial deals with the platform, despite threats from the United States (US). And, above all, its « rivals » have not been able to damage it much.

In addition, there is a large market for content creation within TikTok that Snapchat can get into and from which it pays to profit. According to Business of Apps, a quarter of users who left the ByteDance project did so due to a lack of variety in the platform’s videos. According to Wallaroo, there is also great interest from brands in creating filters to personally interact with audiences.