Snapchat to launch Spectacles for augmented reality | Technology

Snapchat would be close to launching a new version of its glasses, but with a greater orientation towards augmented reality.

Snapchat has lost considerable weight in recent years, however, it still retains a very interesting user base, and despite the poor forecasts, the company is still afloat and operating as usual, and even adding some features to your application. Although, in this case, this is not the protagonist.

And, the focus is once again on the Snapchat Spectacles, the glasses that the company launched in 2016 and that were arriving with two cameras located at the ends of the glasses, With which the user could capture fragments of their day to day to reproduce it later in 3D. A whole new way to capture content that has aroused passions around the world.

Now, it seems that the concept of these glasses could change, at least slightly, since according to The Information, Snapchat would have thought that its new version of the Spectacles were even more aimed at developers and content creators. And the reason is that the idea is that the Spectacles are augmented reality glasses.

Since its launch, Snapchat glasses have been capture devices, but not playback devices, and now the approach would change completely, and would give a different dimension to this device, which also fits with the concept of the CEO of Snap, the owner of Snapchat, has the future of the company.

These glasses would allow the users of the application to enjoy augmented reality effects in an extremely realistic way and it would also find its way into little-explored terrain where a name could be made, something that could serve the company well in the future.

However, the glasses would not be the only launch in the hardware world by Snap, since there is also talk of the existence of a drone, something that fits in with the $ 20 million investment in a drone company in 2017. At the moment there is no more information regarding the augmented reality glasses or the drone, although more is expected soon.

This article was published in Business Insider Spain by Jacinto Araque.