If you would like to have fun with your tenderloin, this is the option: there is a Snapchat filter that allows you to give your dog a Disney character look with very peculiar eyes.

To activate it and see what your pet would look like as a cartoon, just follow these steps:

Download the Snapchat app Go to the option « discover » In the search bar type « Cartoon Face »

And that’s it! Now it only remains to laugh a lot with the result that the program gives and then download the photo, if desired, with the arrow icon that appears at the bottom of the screen.

It’s funny that the filter was invented for human faces, but, In a rather funny move by the company, another was also created that detects the faces of the canines. The reception of the function has been so good that Twitter has been flooded with posts from Internet users urging others to try it. Here are some of the funniest:

Maybe your furry companion will become a star of the networks if they catch him with this filter. And speaking of puppies, come here to consult this list of stray dogs that became movie stars. What if, one of them had his first opportunity on screen thanks to Disney.

disney filter dog snapchat

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