SMEs land with reference prices in Buenos Aires supermarkets

Complementary to the plan Care Prices, the Minister of Production, Science and Technological Innovation of Buenos Aires, Augusto Costa, gave the secretaries of Commerce and Production of the 135 municipalities details about the imminent program Buy Closer, which includes the reference prices of 23 commodities for supermarkets and proximity stores.

« They will be for 23 basic products in proximity shops or warehouses. In this first instance, municipalities have to (make) join businesses and SMEs and cooperatives to sell the products. Then, each business can buy or choose the provider based on a catalog that will be where these SMEs will be offering their services. The price is updated quarterly and they are for products, not for brands « , they detailed to BAE Business sources from the portfolio conducted by Costa.

The objective is to have a reference price in these businesses at a regional level and to establish permanent agreements. Costa also released the ArriBA Benefits platform, with promotions for businesses, SMEs and cooperatives.

The meeting is the first step for joint work between the Province and the municipalities for the implementation of both policies.

Reference prices

In a virtual meeting with representatives of the municipalities, Costa highlighted that the programs will allow “to promote decentralization and the inclusion of products from local suppliers” and that “will contribute to contain the price rise, since one of the great political challenges today is to order prices and that the inflation rate has a tendency to decelerate ”.

Buy Closer It will complement policies implemented at the national level, such as Precious Care, which was signed with large suppliers and supermarket chains and does not reach small stores, warehouses or neighborhood markets. There will be a Supplementary list to the Care Prices, which will vary according to the municipality. Products will be reviewed quarterly, obviously there will be no emphasis on brands, which will be local, and will seek to win markets.

« It is a specific tool for the marketing channel proximity retailer, which is a highly atomized channel, with a large number of suppliers and distributors, and represents 70% of sales throughout mini markets, warehouses, neighborhood shops Y self-service scattered throughout the territory and reaching places where the big chains are not, ”Costa explained.

ArriBA Benefits

While, ArriBA Benefits It allows small producers and businesses in the province of Buenos Aires to be part of different lines of discounts and promotions, such as being suppliers for the almost 14,000 establishments that are already registered in the Tourist and Cultural Catalog of the Province.

The Business, cooperatives Y shops Those interested in participating can register on the platform Costa pointed out that ArriBA Beneficios aims to “encourage cultural and tourist establishments that were beneficiaries of the 800 million pesos from the Fund for the Reactivation of Culture and Tourism, to carry out their expenses in local businesses and businesses, so that the subsidies received by spaces of each municipality, stay in those municipalities”.

The minister stressed that both Buy Closer and ArriBA Benefits « work in synergy with other policies, such as Care Prices, such as the Fund for the Reactivation of Culture and Tourism or as the Tourist and Cultural Catalog of the Province. »

The presentation with the 135 municipalities was also present Guillermo Rabinovich, Undersecretary of Commercial Development and Investment Promotion of the Ministry. The implementation of Buy Closer and its controls will be carried out in coordination between the Province and the municipalities, which will work directly with the local businesses.