SmartSafes, the invisible safes | Technology

Sometimes the most efficient way for an object to go unnoticed … is by placing it in plain sight.

There are two ways to strengthen the security of a safe: you can use materials and opening mechanisms that are difficult to break … or you can make the safe is impossible to find.

There is no security more impenetrable than that which nobody knows exists. SmartSafes is a collection of invisible safes. They are designed to blend in with the furniture, so that no one knows that this is a safe.

At the moment there are two variants of invisible safes, created by the QuickSafes company. You can see them in this video:

As we can see, what QuickSafes does is turn everyday objects into safes.

The first version is a wooden shelf which is used to place books, vases, decorative objects, etc. But it is a hollow shelf, and in the base it hides the safe. It is available in various colors, to match all types of furniture.

Another variant is a ventilation grill turned into a safe. It is located at ground level so that it goes even more unnoticed.

These protective sleeves prevent unwanted payments on contactless cards that use RFID or NFC. Thieves will not be able to make charges by bringing a reader to your purse or purse.

In addition to their camouflage function, they are also smart safes. They do not have a lock and do not use a key.

Have Bluetooth and RFID connection, so they open directly with the mobile, which we have previously paired, or with an RFID card with a unique key, which can be carried in your pocket or stored anywhere.

They even have a function that allows them to be opened by approximation (when they detect the Bluetooth connection or the paired RFID card), by pressing a hidden sensor on the surface of the safe.

They also connect to the Internet, sending notifications to the mobile when someone tries to open it.

Are invisible safes they can be bought in Spain. On eBay we have found the model in the shape of a ventilation grill, it costs 204 euros. You have the shelf version on their website, for about 280 euros. Of course, they ship from the United States.