Smartphones make Costco eliminate this service forever

Costco is one of the leading brands in the price club segment and a benchmark in the retail market.

Among the elements that have changed in retail as a result of modernity and current phenomena such as the pandemic are the modifications to physical points of sale.

The smartphone market is one where innovation abounds and in which references such as content creation have been patented.

Costco is undoubtedly a benchmark for how retail has found in price clubs a unique proposal to generate business and, most importantly, to perform commercially.

A common element is the one that has to do with the way in which brands are standing out and the way in which this innovation is determining increasingly relevant guidelines.

As expected, nowadays best practices have to be developed through which innovation is achieved in the market and what is even more relevant, actions that undoubtedly define the capacity of a brand to transcend in the market .

We are witnessing a series of changes that undoubtedly warn us of how important consumption has become in the market and how new practices are patented from its transformation.

At Costco, for example, the decision has been made not to offer analog photographic development services, which is why this famous chain has raised the opportunity to rethink the operation of its points of sale and thus bet on new commercial schemes .

The decision has been taken before an undeniable trend that is the capture of photographs through the smartphone where they are stored.

Faced with this series of changes, an element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that warns us of how important consumption has become and not only that, how remarkable it is today to understand the retail market.

Retail rethinking its spaces

Retail is rethinking the potential of its physical spaces and is thus preparing for a series of adjustments, which undoubtedly warn us of the capacity with which these places continue to generate relevance.

An extraordinary case in this regard is offered by H&M, one of the leading chains in the fast fashion market in which the brand has now taken on the task of installing huge machines through which it converts used garments into fabrics, which it makes into clothes. new.

These series of actions are revealing a new commercial proposition that is taking the point of sale to a new level of innovation.

Faced with this scheme, an element that we must highlight is the one that warns us of how important the physical point of sale is today and how the potential of this space is one that has continued to grow, determined with it extremely valuable references, such as those that have to do with the functionality that these spaces must now adopt, such as a greater operation through digital media.

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