Smartphone sales recover from 2020 losses

The sale of smartphones grew strongly in the first quarter according to data from Canalys, 27 percent year-on-year to 347 million units.

The mobile industry fell sharply in 2020. Component supply problems in some areas due to closures derived from the pandemic; market saturation; lack of innovation or that simply users, students and professionals chose to make investments in another type of electronic product such as PCs for teleworking, home study or home entertainment.

The last quarter of 2020 we already saw a recovery and this year there are increases for what continues to be the star device of the technology industry. This is reflected in the data of the main consulting firms, although warn of problems beyond the pandemic:

“COVID-19 is still an important consideration, but it is no longer the main bottleneck,” explain the Canalys researchers of the disastrous semiconductor supply situation that is penalizing the entire industry: “The supply of critical components, such as chipsets has quickly become a major concern and will hamper smartphone shipments in the coming quarters.

Sale of smartphones by manufacturers

Samsung continues to lead the world market with a firm hand. The South Korean firm sold 76.5 million units in the quarter for a 28% year-on-year increase. In total, Samsung controls a 22% share of all sales. The Galaxy S21 5Gs are selling very well.

sale of smartphones

Manzana it remains in second place with a big jump in the quarter, a 41% year-on-year increase to 52.4 million. Like Samsung, it has recovered a lot with the last iPhone since the third quarter of 2020 where it was first surpassed by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi He has been doing his thing since he surpassed Huawei and reached the listed podium in the sale of smartphones. It is the one that rose the most among the large companies (+ 62%) to sell 49 million units and reach the largest market share in its history, 15%.

sale of smartphones

Huawei deserves a separate chapter. If in 2019 the upward trend led it to overtake Apple and threaten the position of Samsung, the blockade of the Trump administration has destroyed it and the falls continue to leave it out of the top-5.

Oppo, Vivo, Realme … The rest of Chinese manufacturers continue to gain market with millionaire sales in the middle and entry ranges where there is the greatest volume, not the greatest benefits, with a characteristics / price ratio