Smart Cannabis Vaping Device Allows Users To Customize Dosage

It is the first smart cannabis-based vaping device. It was presented at CES 2021. It works with an app.

Approved in many countries for medicinal use, the marijuana it is gaining ground and is no longer a taboo subject. And his most recent presence in the CES 2021 proves it. At the electronic consumer fair a smart vaping device. It is capable of regulating the doses of cannabis and it works with an application that you download to your cell phone.

Details Daily Mail which is called Mode and is « the world’s first smart cannabis dispenser vaping device. » It also has a touch control that is adjusted by sliding your fingers over it. In this way, users will be able to regulate up to 1 milligram, with precision sensors. Consequently, you can determine what is inhaled.

Cannabis vaping

Because it comes bundled with an application, it has multiple functionalities that can be adjusted in the settings. One of them is that it gently vibrates to let you know when you have to stop inhaling.

This device is intended, in principle, for those who subscribed cannabis medicinally. Marijuana is part of treatments against anxiety, pain or sleep itself. Then, depending on the condition in question, he suggests administration of the doses.

In addition to planning the amount of cannabis, there is also product information in the app. There is also a space for comments and personalized recommendations.

« We initially set out to solve the dosage dilemma for people who need cannabis to treat injuries, ailments and other health-related issues, » he says Izzy Kirsh, co-founder of Mode.

« What we ultimately created is a one-of-a-kind device that offers more control and a better experience for all cannabis users, » concluded Kirsh.