Smallville television series to return as animated series

Smallville season 11 comic picture

Some information had been circulating for some time that seemed to point to a return of “Smallville”. Rather, a way to re-explore the universe of this DC series focused on Clark Kent’s adolescence, long before he was Superman. Now it is confirmed by the actor Tom Welling himself the plans to make a “Smallville” animated series.

The person in charge of giving life to Clark Kent in that mythical television series has been the one who has confirmed this development in a video. It doesn’t go into much detail but it does say that is already in development and what are they trying bring back as many of the actors as possible who worked on the series at the time.

We’re working on an animated series to bring those characters back to life, and use as many original cast members as possible. Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret, ”says Tom Welling on the video.

We do not yet know how this series fits into the continuity of the series, that is, at what point in time it will be located. Recall that after the ten seasons of the television series, there was a season 11 developed in comic format, which in turn was canon for the events of the television event “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. That season 11 continued the adventures of Clark Kent as Superman, because precisely “Smallville” ends the moment Clark puts on his Superman suit.

In this summary you can find in what situation “Smallville” was in its television finale and in the cartoons.

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