Slowly, Olivia Wilde is moving in with Harry Styles

Everything seems to indicate that the relationship between Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles is advancing very quickly, as the actress has left her previous home.

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles go with everything in their relationship; Regardless of the fact that Olivia was a couple for more than a decade with fellow actor Jason Sudeikis and that she is the director of the film in which Harry is currently starring, their love has evolved.

Everything has happened so quickly, that Olivia has left the house she shared with her ex and little by little she has been carrying suitcases with her belongings to Harry’s house in Los Angeles.

Valentine’s Day was the day chosen by the actress, director and producer to carry suitcases and suitcases with her belongings to the house that she now shares with her boyfriend 9 years younger.

Olivia made several laps that lasted all afternoon, so she chose a comfortable outfit with jeans, low shoes and a cashmere sweater included in the Tory Burch sport line, with a value of $ 498.

Between his multiple trips, he unloaded an Away suitcase, medium size and expandable in a special red edition, with a value of 325 dollars.

Without Harry appearing at any time, a man of unknown identity came to help him in the late afternoon, surely he noticed that Olivia had made so many laps, that he wanted to offer his support as a welcome to the neighborhood.

The film that Olivia directs, “Don’t Worry Darling”, has finished its recordings, so this was the ideal moment to enjoy her life of romance with the talented Styles, for whom she only had professional praise and thanks.

On his Instagram account, he took a moment to acknowledge the remarkable work of Harry, who brought more than what was visible to the entire production.