“Because of the slowness and the size, it was a very old cockroach. In my archaic horror for cockroaches I learned to guess, even from a distance, their ages and dangers; Even without ever having really faced a cockroach, I knew its processes of existence ”. (Clarice Lispector).

They were to assume the difficulties to configure the squads of the teams given the reductions of the general budgets for the current soccer. It is true that the great teams tend to draw the checkbook in times of difficulties that the vast majority cannot afford, however, the middle and lower teams have the virtue of signing good performing players at affordable prices. Let’s say that Sevilla almost always sign good players at reasonable prices, over time we learned that other players signed by Real Madrid or Barcelona had offered them for three-quarters of the final amount to Sevilla or similar teams. In any case, everyone has to tighten the belt of expenses and new investments for this 2020/21 League whose calendar begins on September 12, a rare date due to the events experienced.

Fran Garagarza, from Éibar, assured that « This is the most complicated and slow market since I have been in the Sports Directorate. » Assuming that six or seven new players will join the team. And he specified: “We have been working for a long time… We are positioning ourselves in things that we understand that we have to fight to the death. In some cases we have competition, in others we are waiting for a response from those clubs. We are very “full” in terms of objectives… but it is not being easy and it looks like it will go a long way ”. Recognizing the limitations: “There are hardly any free players. We have many economic limitations, but we are working … There is not much margin because economically we are not going to make sales … We are looking abroad, also at the national market, but we are looking at the foreign market because the national market has many difficulties and is an expensive market. The players that we signed in Second were free or with a small transfer and that no longer exists ”.

Éibar works very well financially and sportingly, without a doubt it is a role model. With all the prudence, in silence and with mastery in the performance of its professionals, this team has achieved the utopia of staying for many years in the top flight without exaggerating in a defensive game model but, in addition, it has been the team that most time he played in the opposite field by tactical decision of his coach. Something unheard of that can set trends for the future, also providing whirlwind game rhythms. And for that, it is not easy to specify the type of player and his origin. It is inevitable to remember his coach who draws very positive guidelines, a technician « almost in the shadows » with a simple and anonymous performance.

(…) “… There is a closeness and a trust that makes us continue working without talking about you because there are other things more important than my figure. We have renewed a year and I cannot speak about what will happen next year because this is going at such speed and there is so much demand and stress … (On Mendilíbar) “I am one of those who said that his name has to be in a frame and I continue saying it has to be. Yes or yes. Because we continue another year in the First Division, due to its management of the staff, because with the « post-Covid » many people had doubts and we have been reinforced by that good management … « 

For me, that the market behaves according to the guidelines of each moment, but that the Éibar managers follow so enlightened to configure an equally competitive team. Of course, I never heard Mendilíbar complain about the low budget with which he configures his equipment, however, so magnificent. I repeat, without falling into dogmas of faith, this is a model to follow. In fact, this past season Éibar went through more football difficulties than usual, saving itself from the loss of category with very little margin. The fundamental question in this next League is that they will continue to play without an audience …