Slovakia of the Eurocup: The great statistics of Sergio Busquets

06/24/2021 at 10:20 PM CEST

We are waiting for you with open arms & rdquor ;. This phrase pronounced repeatedly by Sergio Busquets’ teammates in the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas was not intended to look good with their captain, far from it. The team needed him as demonstrated against Slovakia. Busquets left his mark and the analysis of the statistics revealed their capital importance.

Badía’s was impeccable in the passes. Of the 51 who tried, 45 were successful, which is 88 percent. His passes were several times openings or filtered actions, so it was not limited to giving the ball to the next person. Busquets was fine and the team benefited greatly.

The Blaugrana midfielder understood very well where the Spanish offensive game should pass. The two games that he had to watch off the field due to the coronavirus surely helped him have a broader perspective and what was the best way to hurt his opponents.

In this sense, Busquets chose Pedri to be the player who already received in the three-quarter zone and start shaking up the game. Sergio gave 14 balls to Tenerife, more than any other teammate, to take a step forward in the game. Pedri is growing in the national team at a dizzying pace and alongside Busquets he points to a spectacular room for improvement.

Between them they gave warmth to the Spanish engine room, with the collaboration of a tremendously generous Koke in the effort.


Busquets not only played with good judgment, but also went deep in the field. His starts to push the team up on the pressure had the logical wear. Luis Enrique replaced him in the absence of 20 minutes with the game sentenced and with his sights set already in the round of 16 on Monday.

‘Busi’ traveled 8.3 kilometers and he did not hesitate to expose his physique in some situations. For example, he saw the yellow on the edge of the break to avoid a count, colliding with an opponent from Slovakia in an action in which he could hurt himself. It was not a game to speculate in the least and his effort was an example for the rest of his teammates.

Busquets recovered four balls and he guided the rest of the team well so that the pressure was effective. The good positioning allowed Sarabia to steal a ball on the edge of the opponent’s area to start the play of the first goal. Spain found in its captain the benchmark for the Eurocup script to begin to turn.

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