We have looked for him everywhere the possibility of seeing Slipknot once again live and it just does not happen. The riots at the Knotfest at the end of last year left us only an hour away from seeing them. On the other hand, the coronavirus did its thing and its presentation in Machaca had to be canceled. Anyway … The good thing is that not everything is lost. Slipknot has just announced that it will stream its classic film Welcome To Our Neighborhood as part of its ongoing video series.

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Originally released in 1999, the film features behind-the-scenes self-recorded videos, interviews and even the music video for “Spit It Out”. “Wait And Bleed” and “Surfacing” are performed as live songs.

Slipknot is on the go and giving fans a special day to commemorating 21 years of their self-titled debut album released on June 29, 1999. The iconic Iowa band will stream Welcome To Our Neighborhood on the official Knotfest website.

The official description of the film reads: “People wanted to see what made SLIPKNOT work, and ready for that or not, the band delivered the full DVD ‘Welcome To Our Neighborhood’. A study in SLIPKNOT’s roots, including its first music videos and interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. ”.

When am I going to be able to see this cool movie?

Patience is a very important virtue that has to be worked on over the years. Fortunately, nothing I just wrote matters because Slipkot will air his film tomorrow, June 26. We recommend that at 3-3: 30 pm you start to warm your neck because the headbang starts at exactly 4 pm

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In other news, Slipknot announced the virtual edition of Knotfest at the end of last month, and so far has issued sets of Lamb Of God, Megadeth and Trivium.

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