Slash’s sons Scott Weiland and Robert Trujillo started a band!

They say that talent runs in the family, And although there are times when this maxim is not always fulfilled, there are usually those who are in charge of demonstrating that this is completely true. This 2020 brings us a lot of surprises and among them we have the one that we are about to tell you, because the children of three great musicians, Scott Weiland, Slash and Robert Trujillo got together to form a new band It rocks hard and tasty.

The name of this band is Suspect208 and has London hudson 18 years on drums, Tye trujillo 16-year-old bassist and Noah weiland 20 years as a vocalist –as well as her father–. They were joined by the guitarist Niko Tsangaris, which is also part of the Classless Act group with Hudson, and apparently they come with everything to make it clear that just like their parents, they also want to leave a mark.

Slash's sons Scott Weiland and Robert Trujillo started a band! Slash's sons Scott Weiland and Robert Trujillo started a band!

Niko Tsangaris, Noah Weiland, London Hudson and Tye Trujillo, the members of Suspect208 / Photo via Instagram: @nikotsangaris

Slash’s sons Robert and Scott raffle off with their own gang

Slash’s offspring band, Robert Trujillo and Scott Weiland have a very interesting proposal and have just released their first single, “Long Awaited”. And to be honest, tgot more from Stone Temple Pilots than Guns N ‘Roses or Metallica, because in addition to some good guitars combined with the Powerful rhythm base from Tye and London, Noah’s delivery and singing inevitably reminds us of his father.

Suspect208 offers an original hard rock sound with psychedelic and alternative metal elements, that we are sure that many will blow their minds. And although Noah Y London They are very good at what they do, this is their professional debut, but not for Tye, who has given concerts with some bandotas. Just to refresh your memory this young man played bass with Korn on a number of shows and also performed with Suicidal Tendencies, Robert Trujillo’s old band.

Slash's sons Scott Weiland and Robert Trujillo started a band! Slash's sons Scott Weiland and Robert Trujillo started a band!

Robert Trujillo and Tye Trujillo in 2017 / Photo: .

Inspiration came from her parents

According to Consequence of Sound, The love for music of the sons of the Guns N ‘Roses guitarist and Stone Temple Pilots was born when they were seen together on stage. As you will remember, Slash and Scott Weiland they formed a super band, Velvet Revolver next to Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum. It was here that London and Noah realized they wanted to dedicate themselves to this, playing night after night in front of thousands of people.

In a 2018 interview, London Hudson recalled first seeing his father Slash perform with the supergroup.: “Seeing so many people at the (Velvet Revolver) shows was crazy, and how everyone loved (the band).” But thanks to the Guns he convinced himself to take drums seriously: “After going on the last GN’R tour, and seeing all these people who still like to listen to much older stuff, that’s when it really fell into place.”

For now they have not revealed if they have in mind release more tracks or record an album, But it is nice to know that the children of these great rockers not only want to follow the example of their parents, but also want to take their own path. Better not tell them more, Listen to “Long Waited”, Suspect208’s debut, below:

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