For years and years Skype was the benchmark when it came to video calls, but over time and its multiple identity crises it has been somewhat relegated and lost enough popularity, even Microsoft itself has put it aside in the business field in favor of its new and increasingly shining Microsoft Teams.

However, while Zoom seems to get all the headlines for being the group video calling app of the moment and also for its long series of privacy and security problems, Skype is still there, even offering group video calls with a simple link, without registration or need to install applications and they are trying to make us remember it.

Hosting calls with a single link

In 2018, Microsoft renewed Skype for the web with new features and design, and high-resolution video calls, albeit only in preview. At the beginning of 2019 they reached all users, although Linux and Chrome OS were left without support.

Today the story is similar, except that on Skype they decided to go to Twitter at, basically because few people know him, and in many cases it is easier to use than the Zoom itself.

All the user has to do is go to this link and click “Create a new meeting”. That link is free, you don’t need to sign in, nobody needs to have an account to participate in your call, and you have all the main features of Skype.

You can record call, blur background before entering, and screen share. All you need is a compatible browser, which at the moment are only Microsoft Edge and Chrome. If you want support for Firefox you can leave your vote in this form to give Microsoft a push on that side.

All this is from the desktop, to use Skype from your mobile you do need to install the application.

         Skype wants to remind you that you can use it to make group video calls without registration and without installing anything