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In recent days, the gaming community has been given the task of reporting cases of sexual harassment or assault as a form of protest to demand a halt to these types of situations and crimes that do not take place in any scene. This time, attention It’s set on a developer who participated in Skullgirls and Indivisible, who was charged with harassment.

According to a Kotaku report, Mike Zaimont, head of design for Skullgirls and Indivisible, was accused by 2 players who pointed out the type of language he used when they had contact with him and the situations of fear and discomfort that led them to show it. The first case has to do with Bunny, a Twitch personality who earned recognition from the Guilty Gear and Skullgirls community and who announced last week that he was leaving the scene.

Back then, Bunny noted that the decision was made because of the harassment suffered by a « great creative », although he did not reveal his name. However, in the context of the complaints made on social networks, the streamer revealed that the person who harassed her was Mike Zaimont, who supposedly, through messages, led a normal conversation towards sexual questions.

After Bunny revealed the name of the stalker, the cosplay enthusiast and writer, Succubae, did the same by uploading a video accusing Zaimont of making all kinds of sexual comments at events that have coincided for years .

So far, Mike Zaimont has not issued a statement about it.

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