Skull & Bones studio is left without a director after sexual harassment allegations

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Ubisoft has been talking about in recent months for various cases of sexual harassment and toxic work conduct. Once they came to light in the media, Ubisoft promised to fix them. Now another situation of harassment within the company has become known. The person responsible was the director of the Skull & Bones studio, who lost his job.

According to an internal email that Kotaku was able to review, Ubisoft notified its employees that Hugues Ricour, who was the managing director of Ubisoft Singapore, has been removed from his position. In that position, he was responsible for overseeing all the studio’s projects, including Skull & Bones and supporting franchises like Assassin’s Creed.

Why were you removed from your post? As explained, after an internal investigation it was determined that it was “impossible for him to continue in his position.” That said, it remains unclear whether he was just removed from his position or removed from the company entirely.

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Ricour was charged with sexual and workplace harassment

Although that was the official version of Ubisoft, there have long been reports that point to Ricour as responsible for sexual harassment.

These accusations come from multiple sources, who claim that he makes suggestive comments about women and what they are wearing. He also requested kisses from female staff at work events.

That’s not all, since Ricour’s leadership style was also denounced. Different sources assure that his work style was “problematic” by generating lateral harassment; making degrading comments and going against those who defend themselves.

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It is important to note that Ubisoft has not made any public comment on this decision.

And you, what do you think about this decision by Ubisoft? Do you think the actions taken are enough to end their work culture that has presented several cases of harassment? Tell us in the comments.

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