Skoda Fabia or Skoda Scala? Which one interests you the most?

Skoda has presented just a few days ago the renewal of one of its most important products, the Skoda Fabia, which comes in the form of a fourth generation loaded with new features and technology. However, in the current range of the Czech manufacturer we also have available the Skoda Scala, a compact that, in addition, has the most juicy promotions. Which one are you most interested in buying?

The fourth generation of the Skoda Fabia has just been unveiled, with a new platform and an unprecedented technological load on the Czech model, which has never enjoyed so many driving assistants. However, if you are looking for a car to buy now, we fear that it is not yet the time to buy it, since until the end of 2021 the new generation of Fabia will not be available at Skoda dealers.

However, the current Skoda Fabia is still a very appropriate option for those who are looking for a practical car, easy to use, with a pleasant operation in all circumstances and whose purchase price is not particularly high. TAll these sales arguments are also fulfilled by his older brother, the Skoda Scala… what is the most recommended option?

Why should you buy a Skoda Fabia?

The Skoda Fabia currently has a series of promotional benefits that make its sale price fall to a few more than interesting € 11,800, price for which we will receive a Skoda Fabia with a 95 hp 1.0 TSI engine and an Ambition finish, which includes elements such as the light sensor, the blind spot and emergency braking assistants, the infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay or the air conditioning.

Skoda Fabia Fabia 4

In return, yes, We will have to contract the financing with the company, which has a minimum permanence of 48 months. The Fabia is already a model veteran, but for all those who do not require a huge space (although the utility offers a good trunk and a good space for the occupants of the rear seats) and are not looking for the latest of the latest but a reliable car, well finished and with more than proven technology, the Fabia can be a great option.

Why should you buy a Skoda Scala?

What happens to all those who are looking for a car a little bigger, who want to make the leap from an urban to a compact? For all those who are looking for such a car and do not want to get out of Skoda, the Czech firm offers the Skoda Scala, a compact with 4.36 meters long that, however, uses the same MQB A0 platform of the Volkswagen Group urban family.

With a more advanced approach, the Scala offers above all a lot of space and a somewhat more select equipment, with a more attractive design for those looking for more modern lines. Its materials are also somewhat more careful, although of course, it is also more expensive.

The Scala is currently under promotion, and as we tell you in this article, it is possible to get hold of a Skoda Scala with a 95 hp 1.0 TSI engine and an Ambition finish for € 14,300 including, furthermore, one year of comprehensive insurance. Again we will have to finance with the brand for at least 48 months. What is the option that best suits your needs?

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