Skater couple announces pregnancy in mid-dance routine

How were they going to advertise two ice skaters What are they waiting for her first baby but with a routine of dance?

The professional skaters, Mariyah, 28, and Peter Gerber, 29, of Long Beach, California, who run their own small business, hope a baby for December 2021.

The couple met several years ago Thanks to ice skating and now that they are expecting their first child, they decided that there was no better way to announce the news than by incorporating a little exercise into their dance routine.

In the pictures you can see a smiling Peter and a radiant Mariyah performing What seems like one more dance routine, but it is at the end when Peter discovers the surprise by hugging her from behind and unrolling a baby bodysuit on which it can be read: “Gerber baby. Arrives in December 2021.”


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