SJP leaves Carrie Bradshaw and walks out showing off gray hair and without a drop of makeup

Unlike the Carrie Bradshaw of before, who would have horrified at the thought of going out like this in public, the new Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, who have already gone through “the complicated reality of life and friendship at 30, and come to a even more complicated reality of life and friendship at 50“As described by HBO, they now show off their age with natural looks in the reboot” And Just Like That … “.

The actress of 56 years, which is in the middle of filming the expected continuation from Sex and the City, was spotted in New York eating at the fancy restaurant Anton, accompanied by her friend, host Andy Cohen, and a third person sitting on her back. She wore a blue sleeveless top with a silver necklace, and his companions were dressed in yellow.

Photo: Getty Images, Sarah Jessica Parker

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