SIXT +, taking the subscription car concept to a new level

SIXT has launched a new all-inclusive subscription car service. It is SIXT +, it is completely flexible and can be canceled monthly. A model that allows you to access a vehicle for only € 369 per month and have a full service at our disposal.

Mobility is changing at a fast pace. More and more people are opting for alternative solutions to the traditional purchase of a new car. There are a whole series of options and modalities by which you can bet to have a vehicle that meets all our daily mobility needs. SIXT
is aware of this process of change that society is experiencing and therefore has presented its new product, SIXT +.

SIXT + is a new subscription car service. The well-known German car rental company has decided to raise the subscription car concept to a new level with its interesting proposal.

SIXTSIXT bets on the subscription car model and presents SIXT +

A full subscription car service

One of the keys to subscription car services is that they eliminate any type of uncertainty that drivers may have when it comes to getting a vehicle. And, in these times, there are many people who do not want to face the risks involved in buying a car. In most of the operations, a loan is requested or a lease is requested to be able to buy, register and insure the car.

SIXT + brings with it an all-inclusive subscription car service. Unlike car sharing or rent a car, this new product created by SIXT allows access to a vehicle that is used as a private car for the desired period of time. What does SIXT + include? As we have previously pointed out, it is a service that follows the “all inclusive” formula. It has the following characteristics:

Third party insurance Coverage for damage and theft Registration Maintenance ITVSIXT +, car by subscriptionFrom € 369 you can access the SIXT + subscription car model

All this for a starting price of only € 369 per month and without permanence. It is possible to cancel the subscription monthly after a minimum period of 30 days. To carry out the cancellation, it is only necessary to return the car at the SIXT office and proceed to cancel the subscription.

The cars available at SIXT +

The vehicle catalog available at SIXT + is varied. It is possible to find utility vehicles from generalist firms to luxury SUVs through high-end sedans. There is even an electric car, the popular Renault ZOE. After registering, the cars will be available for collection within a maximum period of 5 days. The new SIXT + offer becomes part of the SIXT ONE mobility platform.