The Asturian took advantage of the changing conditions to finish second

It was his last podium with Ferrari, and also so far the last in Formula 1

Today marks the sixth year of Fernando Alonso’s 97th –and last– podium in Formula 1. The Asturian driver took advantage of the changing conditions of the Hungaroring that day, and thanks to a risky but effective strategy he was able to finish in second position , behind Daniel Ricciardo’s Red Bull.

On July 27, 2014 at 14:00 local time, the Hungarian GP was given the green light with a wet and very complicated track, and a clear example of this were the accidents that Marcus Ericsson and Romain Grosjean had in the first laps . Lewis Hamilton, who came out in last position, was climbing the square, but a track departure made him fall back to the bottom of the grid.

With the passing of the laps, Alonso was advancing positions, since he was one of the few that did not make mistakes. Sebastian Vettel and Sergio Pérez spun at the entrance to the goal, with the latter going to the wall and destroying his Force India, an accident that caused a safety car that would change things a lot.

In the final stretch of the race, the bicempaón del mundo decided not to stop, as he saw that his tires had enough capacity to reach the end. The Asturian started to lead the race after winning the position to Hamilton who was already on the canvas. However, he saw Ricciardo – who stopped with the car safety on the track – slowly approaching him, and with four laps to go he gave him the coup de grace and snatched the first place.

Alonso held on with everything ahead of the two Mercedes, thanks in part to the fact that Hamilton refused to let Nico Rosberg pass in the last laps. The Asturian crossed on the 70th lap to finish in second place, and scored his second podium of the season with an F14T that left a lot to be desired in terms of performance throughout 2014.

That was Alonso’s last podium in Formula 1. The Asturian that same year ended his time at Ferrari, and set off for McLaren looking for a second chance at Woking. However, that alliance with Honda ended three years for oblivion and with a hard blow to Fernando’s hopes of winning his third title of world champion.

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