Six Spaniards arrested in Amsterdam for refusing to wear a mask on a flight

(Photo: Jackyenjoyphotography via Getty Images)

The Dutch military police (Marechaussee) arrested six Spanish citizens on board a plane last night for “constantly” disobeying the commander, causing a “disturbance” and “refusing to wear a mask” during a flight from Spain to Amsterdam, according to A source from the Netherlands gendarmerie confirmed this Tuesday to Efe.

The same source stressed that the plane “was flying from Spain, landed at Amsterdam Schiphol airport around midnight and the six Spaniards were arrested one minute after landing because the agents were waiting at the door of the plane after receiving the communication. of the captain.

For a “privacy issue”, the Dutch gendarmerie refused to provide further details on the provenance of the flight in question.

“They refused to put on the masks, they did not want to follow the rules”

It was the commander who filed the complaint against these Spanish citizens, who alleged that “they did not want to listen to his orders, he gave them several warnings, they refused to put on the masks on board, and they did not want to follow the rules”, despite the fact that the flight personnel and the captain himself demanded it several times.

The six are still under arrest, after spending the night in custody awaiting questioning, and will remain at the police disposal at least throughout the day, until the end of “an investigation” of what happened by the Dutch military police. , and until the Dutch Public Prosecutor decides “what consequences his action has,” according to the source.

It is not the first time that the commanders of the returns …

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