Six reinforcements? This smells like the “last dance” of Marcelo Gallardo in River

As in the mythical documentary The last dance, apparently this rearming of River it seems to be a magnificent closing of the cycle. Gallardo would leave with a solid base, made up of promises and caudillos, which would allow Núñez’s club to continue with the same tune even without his DT.

Palavecino. Maidana. Vigo. Fontana. Paradela. Martinez. All these surnames merit a sentence, a name. One end: to give a golden closure to the stage of Marcelo Gallardo in River. It would seem that everything is joy and merriment seeing how the Millionaire is renewed and reinforced with young soccer players (except for Maidana) to be able to compete again in all available tournaments.

Reading, quietly, could be that Gallant It is going to stay for much longer and is laying the foundations for a new era. However, mine, and taking into account that the DT knew how to say a long time ago that his objective in River is to lay the foundations for the institution to continue its path still without him on the train, is that the Doll has little thread left on the spool.

Separate paragraph: the incorporations of the Núñez club are brilliant, practically as never before in the era of Rodolfo D’Onofrio as president of River. Important things are at stake, including the continuity of a project and the convictions that will be reflected (or not) by the partners in the elections that will be held at the end of the year.

I do not know if the sum of reinforcements has to do with the electoral, but go that football will be vital. Gallardo will be there, to give his stamp to the team. Once again, he will go for glory. It seems to me that it will be the last time. It will lay foundations, it will build foundations. And, from this humble place, I think he will leave to return in the future.