Let’s hope the quarantine ends as soon as possibleThis is an almost unrealizable wish because the situation continues to be dramatic, but we are starting to run out of ideas so that you can continue your days with new things to do. It is true that we have recommended books to read, we often tell you about all the premieres available on large multimedia platforms that we have at our disposal and we have offered you alternatives so that you can see the beach from the comfort of your living room.

It is true that this confinement, at least for those who cannot leave home because your work has been closed, they have sent you home or you are self-employed, with all that this means, is starting to take its toll. Do not be discouraged, do not let this virus beat us. Lean on your family and friends, although you are far away, and speak. Nothing better than talking to realize that we are all in the same boat. Okay, yes. Maybe also you can play for hoursBecause I think it is the best way to unite today. Don’t let your spirits drop!

The simplest games do not need software or hardware

I will put you three basic rules so you can enjoy the following games without any problem. First of all, all those who are going to participate in them, no matter whether you are in the same house or miles away, you must have the minimal technological knowledge to open a video call application, whether on the mobile phone, tablet or computer. Second, it always comes in handy to warn, you must make sure that you have the corresponding charger nearby, because if my estimates are correct, you are going to need that your devices do not die trying. By last, you can’t cheat. In any case, if you are playing between friends and family, we all know how to identify the habitual cheater, so be careful with his tricks.

After this introduction, I will get down to business. What better way to start playing could exist than with a mythical ship game? If you comb gray hair, you will remember those board games from the 90s, with red and blue ships, where we had to locate our ships so that the enemy would not find them and vice versa. Take paper and penCreate a ten row grid, with the letters A through J, and ten columns, with numbers from 1 to 10. Locate a five box, two four box, three three box and four two box ships. . They cannot be placed diagonally nor can they touch each other. To the digital approach!

If you have ever been children, I hope so, I do not doubt that on some occasion you will have played the movies. So get out the copycat inside you and whoever gets 10 movies right first will be the winner. Another classic of our country is the BingoIf any of you have the physical game, it is time to get it out. Otherwise you can create your own cards, with numbers from 0 to 90, and use apps like this to randomly generate numbers.

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Believe me if you have never played lip reading, you are going to cry with laughter with this game. Pick random phrases that are funny and try to guess what they are trying to tell you. You can also bring out your creative side and racking your brains asking who is more likely to …? It is not worth getting angry, because there are always too susceptible people among friends and family. In this same line would be the last game that I propose to you. A classic on the internet and YouTubeIn fact, there are pages that give you hundreds of situations to be able to play, as would be the case of the site that I leave you through this link, and that puts us in front of two really complicated situations. As you can see, the imagination allows us to spend hours and hours playing through a simple video call, so I hope it is the rest of the quarantine, continue having fun together.

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