Six members of US President Donald Trump’s campaign team tested COVID-19 positive this Saturday

Six members of the President’s campaign team Donald trump who are accompanying him for his meeting in Tulsa, tested positive for coronavirus COVID-19, after testing.

In a statement, the president’s campaign team reported that the quarantine”Were implemented immediately.

Trump announced in recent days that he would reactivate his electoral campaign this Saturday with a controversial rally in tulsa, Oklahoma, which contradicts the recommendations of your Government to contain COVID-19, and in a context that has earned you new accusations of racism in full wave of protests in the country.

The rally will take place when new daily cases of coronavirus in the United States exceeded 30,000 on Friday, for the first time in seven weeks, and while the southern and western states continue to report alarming peaks of the illness.

The country registered 31,630 new confirmed cases of the virus, according to a follow-up from The Washington Post. The last time that new daily infections in the United States exceeded 30,000 was on May 1, when 33,263 infections were reported.

In a climate of strong tension, Tulsa prepares to host the largest mass event in a closed space in the USA. since the pandemic: a rally in a stadium with a capacity for 19 thousand people that Trump campaign plans to fill up completely.

“Long lines and crowds are already forming in Tulsa. My campaign has not started yet. Saturday night begins in Oklahoma! ”Trump wrote Friday on his Twitter account.

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